Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Husband spanks submissive wife

I chanced across this video of a husband spanking his pretty wife - skirt up knickers down. Very exciting stuff!



  1. Well done sir,more power to your right arm!A position all wives should find themselves in,I'm sure she deserved it.Where did you find this great video Mr Tawse?I hope this gentlemen has more for our appreciation.
    ps I love her tan stockings!

    1. Keith

      You will find it on Spankingtube.com

  2. I love this video of a husbend taking down his naughty wife's knicker's to spank her bare bottom. Made even more sexually erotic, for this voluptous naked rear end, is encased in suspender-belt and stockings. I sure would have loved to be this husband. Of course, I would prefer using a swishy pliable stinging cane, on her naked rear end. But then one can't have everything in life.

  3. Hi MrTawse, yes you have found a great video! I liked seeing her bottom wobbling as the spanks landed ! I certainly spank my wife on her bare btm and enjoy having her across my knees! I sometimes have to cane her as well -usually for spending too much on her clothes etc! She was punished at home for similar things so she is used to touching her toes for the cane on her bare botttom! Regards Don

  4. Well, as a wife who gets spanked I feel sorry for this wife. She has probably done very little to deserve this spanking and she behaves with great decorum and dignity even when upended and bare-bottomed!