Monday, 27 February 2012

Two mature women gets their backsides spanked

very pretty panties...

they are coming down

My wife Linda has panties just like these...

and this is just what her sexy arse looks like after a spanking


  1. One of the sexual erotic excitements in life, is to pull down a naughty mature women's knicker's and spank her bare bottom. Especially if they are wearing suspender-belt and stockings, which makes the scene even more sexually erotic.

  2. O god, nothing like spanking a good mature female bottom. Getting nice and red and her legs start kicking and showing off her private bits. Ooooooooo!!

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  4. pulling down a mature ladies knickers and spanking her bare bottom is a great experience

  5. spanking a mature bottom, framed by suspender belt and pulled-down panties, is sooo sexy. And then make them stand in the corner with skirt high and panties still at knee level.