Friday, 7 October 2011

Real school punishment

these vidcaps from a old BBC TV programme show a real Scottish female teacher demonstrating the use of the tawse.  They are a bit blurred but genuine


she explains how to position the "kid" (her words) for punishment and how to avoid hitting your own leg if you miss the kid...


at the end of the interview she says that it is too bad that the tawse has been banned in schools in Scotland.

Would you like to be tawsed by her (I would!!)


  1. Interesting find. And yes, I would like to be tawsed by her. I would like to think she used that thing on her boyfriend.

  2. Wow do you actually have the programme,i have been looking for this for ages and would be really grateful if you could upload it

  3. How great would it be to take six good strong strokes from her!

  4. She is quite remarkable. Reminds me of the ostensibly nice, normal women teachers at school when I was a child who turned into sadists when they had a tawse and some children on whom to use it. There were definitely some who must have got a sexual kick out of the power to cause pain.

    1. I have posted the video too - you will find it under the label video