Friday, 12 August 2011

When a girl has her knickers pulled down

She knows that her punishment - spanking, caning or tawsing - is going to be painful and humiliating.


  1. When a disobediant little minx has her knickers pulled down she knows its serious, and the vigorous application of rattan or leather to her bare buttocks combined with the humiliating exposure of her intimate parts should chasten the most rebellious, tardy and insolent of young madams.

    Thats the theory : )

  2. I have just noticed that my post is an almost perfect paraphrase of your sub heading....

  3. This collection is a great example of the difference between old CP photos and new. I find the first picture extremely stimulating. And numbers 5 and 7 also stimulating.

    That having been said, the bottom in the background in number 8 is perfectly framed! Although she does seem to have got of a tad lightly!

    Mr. T, is it possible to put (rough) dates on these brilliant photos?

    1. Larry

      Top two pictures are 1970s. Next oen about 2004 and then rest are from last 3 years.