Saturday, 13 August 2011

A spanking from a Woman Police Officer

(this story is adapted from on the blog of the excellent submissive/switch  escort Carrie of London)  I will be posting more about her later.

WPC Caroline Hall has a real a fondness for sexy underwear.  Recently  moved to  London, she is staying with a landlord who is also her uncle.

One day Caroline comes home and notices that a pair of her lacy white knickers are missing from her panty drawer.  She looks under her bed and finds them along with a selection of magazines containing pictures of schoolgirls, nurses and police women being spanked, caned  and strapped. She also notices the knickers have strange stains on them!  With her police forensic training, she quickly recognises the stains by their smell – it is the scent of stale cum.  Uncle James has been wanking into her knickers

After getting over her initial anger she decides to have some fun at her uncle’s  expense so she dresses up in her uniform and confronts him, with the spanking magazines in one hand and the spunk stained knickers in the other.
She threatens to arrest him and to march him down to the police station unless he does exactly what you she wants:-

First she makes him strip naked.  She examines his (limp) cock and balls closely, telling him that his dick is pathetically small and she can’t see how such feeble balls produced enough cum to soak her panties.  Strangely enough his cock starts to grow......
Caroline then pulls her uniform skirt up above her stocking tops, sits in a hard chair and forces Uncle James to go over her lap.  She gives him a very hard spanking.  His hairy arse turns bright red and he wriggles across her lap.  When finally he is allowed to stand again Caroline can see some pre-cum stains on her black stockings.
She then sits legs apart and hands Uncle James the stained panties.  He is ordered to wank into them just as he did before and to confess what he had been fantasising about. To encourage him she exposes her cunt.

James admits that he had been focussing on pictures of a schoolgirl and of a policewoman being caned on the bare bottom and had imagined doing just that to Caroline that pointed he groans and shoots a huge load into Caroline's panties......


  1. Rebellious boys should be thrashed by strong willed female authority figures, any boy who disgraces himself should be made to lick up every last drop of his disgusting smelly penis slime.

  2. This lady policewoman in my opinion should be the one that a pliaable stinging cane, should land on her knicker's down, derriere. What a pleasure that would be for me, to give her 'six of the best', with a pliable stinging cane.