Monday, 2 March 2015

Better news

Hope this is correct

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Warning

It's finally happened: Google has pledged to remove all Blogger blogs deemed "adult" from the public internet. Yesterday the owners of blogs behind an "adult content warning" page were emailed with a notice that if they didn't remove all "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video" from every post in their archive, their blog would be removed from public view and set to "invitation only", meaning it would become private content only visible to logged-in Google users who have been invited to view it.   Please enjoy and copy as much as you want while I seek an alternative

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A visit to Samantha

After an interval of almost three years I was able to make another visit to the wonderful Samantha in her cosy flat in Shoreditch.

I was caught in a heavy rain shower and Samantha could not have been more welcoming when she greeted me. She was in her senior girl uniform.


After I had dried my hair and we had had a friendly chat it was down to spanking,  Samantha was soon over my knee receiving a firm spanking - first on her white knickers and then on the bare. Soon she was assuming the position for the school cane.....

 I then decided that Samantha should be demoted from her position as a Prefect and the privilege of wearing stockings withdrawn, She left the room and returned in white knee socks...

Samantha was soon bending over for spanking, the cane and the strap - knickers up then on the bare

Caning included this beauty from which Samantha took very hard strokes...she also let me apply the birch

During a little break we had a stimulating discussion about knickers and Samantha popped out to change into a pair of classic Navy Blue school pants (Cherub).  Spanking her through those and then with them pulled down was a real joy

Samantha even persuaded me to let her spank me - which was fun though quite painful!  I received a few cane light strokes which were pretty sore and only deepened my admiration for the way Samantha takes a damn good thrashing.  She assured me that she really feels the need to be caned regularly.

It was a wonderful afternoon which climaxed (!) after a discussion about knickers and an interesting encounter with these white double gusset beauties!

Thank you Samantha¬

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Coming soon

An account of my afternoon session with the amazing Samantha Jones.  Spanking, caning, strapping and knickers galore!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Domestic discipline

Dominant wives.......waiting for their husbands, canes at the ready ...

others think that a hard OTK spanking is what is called for..

this tawse will sting like hell..............

Sunday, 15 February 2015

There is something about Aunt Mary

I would love to shoot my load all over those stockings...

Friday, 13 February 2015

We asked the netball team to show us their knickers

WD  and GD  responded enthusiastically - revealing red pants....but GA  was a bit slow...

She has a very spankable bottom...

as has her friend