Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A spanking for Chrisitne from her Auntie

I have posted before about Christine -  the girl friend of my teenage years  - and the sexual frustrations and fiasco involved.  I found this picture in which the girl looks pretty much like Christine did in 1969.  The picture gave me an idea for a fantasy...

Christine and I, both 16, have been round visiting her Aunt Susan.  When Susan went out, saying she would be away for a couple of hours, we took advantage of the opportunity to have a "heavy petting" session.  Before too long I had Christine's dress up round her waist and I was working my hand into her tight panty girdle - seeking out her sopping wet cock was throbbing but, as usual, Christine would not touch it
Just as I could feel Christine's  cunt hair and the top of her slit under my fingers, the door opened and Auntie Susan, who had forgotten her purse, walked in,  "What the...." she yelled "this is disgusting".  Christine scrambled to get her dress in place, her face scarlet with shame.  "I think you better leave NOW, young man" said Auntie Susan in a low menacing voice.  I got out as fast as possible.
When she heard the outer door close , Auntie Susan turned to Christine.  "Do you want me to tell our parents about this?" she asked.  Christine, barely able to speak for shame and fear could only shake her head. 
"All right, I won't, but you need to be taught a lesson".  With that, Auntie Susan pulled Christine over her knee, pushed her dress up to her waist and started smacking Christine's backside.
At once Susan realised that Christine's panty girdle provided far too much protection.  She griped the waist band with two hands and pulled down the girdle and Christine's tights down to her knees, exposing her plump white backside.  "No, no, you can't!" screamed Christine but Auntie Susan was not to be stopped.  Her palm slammed down hard and fast, turning Christine's bum bright red.  Christine had never had a real spanking before this....she screamed, her legs scissored and she wriggled but Susan had a firm grip.  The spanking grew harder and faster "I'll teach you what happens to little sluts" shouted Auntie Susan. Christine's yells turned to sobs as tears streamed down her face.
Meanwhile.....I had not left the house but had closed the outer door and remained in the hall outside the sitting room door. I had heard the dialogue and as I recognised the sound of Christine's underwear being pulled down I released my cock from my trousers. after sniffing my fingers to remind myself of the scent of Christine's cunt I started to stroke my cock.  The sound of Auntie Susan's hard hand slamming into Christine's fat backside was incredibly arousing. I had always wanted to give Christine a good spanking but had never had the nerve to try.  Now the scene  I had often pictured while masturbating in my lonely bed was going on  few feet away.  I started to wank faster and faster and after only a few strokes I almost doubled over as the cum pumped out of me. 
As I recovered from a shattering orgasm I could hear the tempo of the spanking slow and then stop.  "Pull your underwear up and sort your dress"  said Susan.
It was time to leave, I quietly opened the outer door and walked out, closing it carefully behind me. 
I wonder if anyone ever noticed the spunk stains on the hall carpet - it was cream coloured so they may have faded in.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Getting the Tawse from Miss.....

 Come here boy...........

You will feel this.....but you might cum in your pants...........

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Just after the cane strikes................